How much does such a DOG actually cost?


That is the question that is on the soul of every interested party and causes the breeders to sigh deeply. In order to explain the question of all questions a little, the following list has been drawn up:


- cute puppy lovingly socialized, easy to fall in love with: approx. 1,300-2500, - EURO

- Collar, leash, bowls and puppy toys: 75, - EURO

- Veterinary costs for re-vaccinations and deworming: 75, - EURO

- Liability insurance for one year: 60, - EURO

- Feed for one year: 1000, - EURO

- Dog tax for one year: 90 euros

Sub-total: 3,800 EUR


- On the first night, three pairs of chewed men's socks and one women's lingerie: 80, - EURO

- On the 2nd night, the puppy no longer sleeps in the bedroom, but in the hallway: Replacement of the chewed and pebbled Persian carpet: 600 euros

- A dog crate is required for the third night: around 100 EUR

- Leave the puppy alone in the car for 15 minutes in the parking lot of the dog school: replace the seat belt and have the gear stick replaced: 400, - EURO

- Buy a transport box for the car because the first one does not fit in the trunk: 100 euros

- Larger collar, replace chewed leather leash with nylon, new toys and lots of chewing items: 100, - EURO

- Close the smallest holes in the garden fence, set curbs against the tunneling attempts of the talented little civil engineer: 2,500 euros

- The farmer from the edge of the village has to put up his pasture fence again, because our darling has tried his instincts on the pasture of his herd of young bulls: 1,000 euros

- A round of free beer for the helpers of the voluntary fire brigade who caught the cops on the federal road: 250, - EURO

- Agility / dog sports course for the garden, e.g. Partly self-made to optimize the training program and finally to distract the dog from undesirable hunting behavior: 1,000 euros

- Lease for a small pasture, exposure of a mole company so that the DOG can now pursue its destiny: 800, - EURO

- Breakout-proof fence for the aforementioned pasture: EUR 1,000

- The fence was not tight enough at one point: the DOG has explored the front gardens of the neighborhood, restoring shrubs and strawberry beds: 400, - EURO

- You want a second DOG because working with two dogs is much more interesting (collar, vet, etc.): 2.800, - EURO

- Attorney and court costs for the trial against the neighbors: 4,000 euros

- Donation to the local animal welfare association, because of forbearance exercised: 250, - EURO

- You need more moles, the first group emigrated: 600, - EURO

- The best thing is to buy a farm in the country right away, then you can finally keep several DOGS and breed them yourself: 200,000 EUR

- Annual travel expenses for participation in events, dog sport tournaments and dog shows at the end of the world: 6,000 euros

- Camping vehicle with space for at least four dogs, so that traveling is finally cheaper: 18,000 euros


Total: 243,330 EUR


The present list is based on empirical values. The price for a DOG is unlimited. Although financial problems due to long vacation trips, demanding spouses or long-term stays by the mother-in-law usually resolve themselves by keeping a DOG, a DOG is thus reserved for the privileged. Remember, if on your next walk you come across a dirt-splattered person in rubber boots and several lively dogs, it is not an anti-social person, but at least the branch manager of the local savings bank. During a one-to-one conversation, he will ask you, smiling over the statements of your blocked current account:


"Didn't you know what a DOG like that cost?"


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