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For us, the White Swiss Shepherd is the perfect combination of family dog ​​/ everyday companion and sports dog. At home, our dogs are balanced and take it easy if we can't do a big round for a day or two. But if you have arrived at the dog park or if the ball is unpacked, then action is announced!


This combination of a clear head and a lot of “will to please” makes the White Swiss Shepherd suitable for almost all areas of life. White Swiss Shepherds can be found as a daily companion in the office, as a therapy dog, in mantrail and rescue dog sport, as a tracking dog and definitely also in the IGP area. But also just as a family dog ​​he is a dream.


A white shepherd, however, likes to be entertained  - a garden is certainly a must, and the fur needs at least care from time to time.


Also, the white swaths of fur that waft through the house should not be underestimated. Vacuum Cleaner and Swiffer are the best friends of the owner of a White Swiss Shepherd! Black pants, on the other hand, should get out of the closet.